more than sunday

A lifestyle of intentional pursuit of God’s heart and presence. 

We are passionate about the revival of believers, as well as reaching friends and renewing culture. With following Jesus’ footsteps we want to bring hope and healing to the hurt and broken. 

The Grace United exists to bring glory to God’s name through worship, discipleship, and evangelism. 

Whether it is your first time at church or if you’ve had a difficult church experience in the past, we want you to feel welcome, be recognized and be a part of Grace United. 


Grace United cultivates an environment of freedom to encounter the Holy Spirit. Equipping people with Christlike maturity and experience in serving within the church and throughout the world, in order to glorify God’s name. 


We are stronger together! A church is based on community. Together we support and encourage each other’s walk with Christ. Grace United is founded on people who are striving to know God and make Him known. Collectively we can fulfill our purpose.

Sunday services and Grace groups bring serving opportunities for everyone. If you are looking to become more connected in church, start volunteering! Positions vary from greeting at the door, shooting videos to leading a homegroup. The church is the body of Christ, and just like a physical body, the church has many members, and each one has its own role. Stop by the Next Step Team to get involved! 



Senior Pastor


yan ashe

Worship - Vocal Director


VIctor matus

Prayer Team Coordinator


Evelina homchik

Creative Team Coordinator

andrew yermakovich

Visual Team Coordinator

dilyara matus

Event Coordinator



Grace United Lead


Andrey Mamnev

Worship - Musical Director



Welcome Team Coordinator

Ulyana Liashko

Cafe Team Coordinator

ilya liashko

Production Team Coordinator

valentina pilipchuk

Social Media Coordinator